Skye Huff

Managing Owner

Skye has been an avid tea drinker since she was in her teens, but didn’t actually get into coffee until she was in her late 20s. Fortunately, she quickly embraced the roasted bean, and today is a connoisseur of both coffee and tea.

She started her first business back in her pre-coffee college days. She and her husband, Kevin Huff, founded a photography and digital imaging business, and it didn’t take long for them to build a successful business that they sold before moving to Colorado.

Surviving a stint in corporate america helped hone their business skills, then the duo jumped back into the entrepreneur game with their company Sales Artists. After a few years helping Kevin build Sales Artists into a successful business, Skye brought all of her business experience to bear with MUGS.

MUGS blends her sense of community with her passion for building successful businesses and her love of coffee and tea. It gives her an opportunity to not only run a business, but also make others happy and give back to the people around her. For her, a coffee shop is just as much about providing a gathering place for the community as it is about providing great coffee and tasty food. Outside the shop, she loves helping her wholesale clients find that perfect local-roasted brew that they can serve to customers or clients with pride.

Like her other businesses, MUGS is a family affair. When not focusing on Sales Artists, Kevin will often be in the shop helping with consulting, coffee roasting, making drinks, or just chatting with patrons. And don’t be surprised if you meet their two children helping out every now and then.

Her favorite coffees are Sumatra, Nicaragua, and the 365 Blend. While she’s a fan of all of the MUGS teas, her go-to tea is Vanilla Rooibos. When it comes to Espresso drinks, she’s all about the Honey Butter Latte.

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