Billy Dietz

Product Developer | Certified Tea Specialist

Billy became interested in Tea and Tea culture, particularly Asian tea culture, to include the history of teas, agricultural regions, horticultural techniques and harvesting during his high school years.  He became a self-made amateur expert of tea well before any formal education within academia or industry.

In the latter part of his high school years, Billy joined the Tea Association of the United States of America. He promptly enrolled in the affiliate organization, Specialty Tea Institute (STI), where he attended classes for several years, ultimately to become the youngest student ever to achieve STI Certification Level 3, having graduated with that honor just a few months before his 18th birthday. Resulting from his Certification, William was placed on the STI Recommended Certified Speakers list, providing him the formal credentials to match his vast knowledge and passion for Tea. William continues on in his pursuit of knowledge, currently seeking an STI Level 4 Certification pending (only because they are still trying to determine all the classes needed).

Before arriving at Anderson University in August of 2010, Billy began blogging for his formal blog Sir William of the Leaf and was recruited by English Tea Store to be a freelance-contributing author for The Taste of English Tea Blog, and so began his first professional writings. Mr. Dietz continues as an avid blogger, freelance writer and professional speaker, to this day, most recently achieving Top Blog award from Guide to Culinary Arts Schools and a featured blog for World Tea News (via ATB).

It was at Anderson University that Billy met Chris Bourgea, who had already started his own tea company while at AU. Chris was seeking to build a business partnership with someone who shared a common knowledge and passion for Tea. Mr. William C Dietz was the perfect fit. During the 2010-2011 school year, Mr. Bourgea and Billy constructed agreements for a sale and equity based share agreement, with Mr. Bourgea remaining as Founder and Shareholder, and Mr. Dietz as Owner, Chief Operating officer and Shareholder. As of April 2011, William had become Owner and COO of his first company, Bourgea Tea LLC, at the age of 18 years.

In November 2012, Billy and Chris Bourgea sold Bourgea Tea LLC to MUGS Coffee to form MUGS Coffee and Tea Company.

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