Fresh Roasted without exception…from simple single-origin selections to authentic original MUGS blends, you can find a match to your unique coffee tastes.


Our teas range from sweet and subtle to spicy and sassy. We can even create a special blend just for you.


Perfect cup = perfect gift! Maybe your friends and family will even share a pot with you.


Don’t be stuck without any coffee or tea on your busy mornings! Become a monthly or bi-monthly subscriber and have your favorite coffees and teas delivered to your door.

  • “My pour over occurred with engaging conversation and a smile that could light up the room. Great start to my day, Mugs!”
  • “It’s officially starting to taste like autumn… White Mocha Pumpkin Latte… I had the barista add extra pumpkin flavor and an extra shot…. Amazing.”
    -Sharon Z.
  • “If you want a ‘classic’ cup of coffee, this is it. It is light and wonderful just by itself, no need to add anything to it.”
  • “I always get the hazelnut latte and I love the foam art on top of it. And the service in your store is great!”
    -Danielle R.
  • “I love to wake up to the aroma of my Rise and Shine coffee brewing. Its flavorful rich roast awakens my taste buds and helps me take on the morning. Delicious!!!”
    -Amber S, Chef and Coffee lover
  • “I love that there is something new all the time. A new blend, a new single origin, new teas, and they are all great! The service and staff making stopping in such a fun time!”
    -Daniel B.
  • “I spend so much time smelling Jazzy Java that I sometimes forget to drink it. It’s my favorite flavored coffee ever.”
    -Nate C.
  • “My favorite concoction, mocha with a shot of coconut (I call it “mocha-nut”), is simply amazing, hot or iced. I crave it daily and am pumped each time I get to run by and grab one. My 6 year old daughter is already a huge Mugs fan (Raising her right!) and we love to go there together, grab a couple drinks and do some home-schooling.”
    -Dana B.
  • “I don’t officially wake up until I smell my Sumatra coffee brewing. Its rich taste seems three-dimensional yet it is very smooth.”

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